She is a rescue from North Carolina that I've had for a couple of years. She is super lovable and loving. She loves to lick and she needs someone who will show her love unconditionally. We are having to move in a short period of time and I want her to be in a loving forever home.
Murphy is curious about everything you do and will want to be right in the middle of the action. He absolutely loves kids. Enjoys a nice game of Tug-o-war, thus his favorite toy is a chew rope. He loves playing fetch and will "drop it" on command; especially if you offer him a treat. He has been privately trained. He responds to "sit", "down" (lay down), "stay", "heel" (sit at my feet) "shake",...
Sunny is a young yellow labrador mixture. He has the cutest disposition. He will make a lovable family friendly companion. He is high energy because of his youth but he will adjust as acclimated into the home or with training. Please consider this baby. Sunny will be fu...
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